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A seriously specialist magazine, Trike is just about to start its third year of publication and even we're a bit stunned at the response there's been to it! It seems that Trike is just what the UK needed - a magazine for and dedicated to all things three-wheeled! The UK trike scene is now one of the fastest growing and most popular avenues of biking, and the magazine reflects this by showcasing the best of what's available out there in the wide world both commercially-built and privately too.

Trike features everything from bolt-on conversions to one-off builds using almost any engine or wheel combination you can think of - everything from Reliants to diesels to V8 Chevrolets to the latest superbikes and cruisers through all points in between. We also run a dedicated readers' pictures section, a free-for-all trike sales section and, of course, witty and informative articles on just about anything tri-cyclular.

Published four times a year, Trike is the must-have magazine for all things three-wheeled!

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